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Why Us?

  • We are LED specialists, with lots of experience
  • We provide high level Design and Manufacture
  • We offer a range of standard products and bespoke solutions
  • We have done lots of 3 colour LED systems and single colour/dimming, so we can now use this experience in white mood lighting (WW/MW/CW) and 4 colour (RGBA/RGBW)
  • We offer value engineering and affordability
  • We give full project and product support from start to finish
  • We are flexible, versatile and we listen
  • We believe in project/system integration – we make SSL (solid state lighting) fixtures, gear and controllers
  • We have construction industry experience – “the contractor’s friend”

It is our mission to provide our customers with creative and 
bespoke UK designed & manufactured LED lighting solutions, which:

  • Are energy-efficient;
  • Effectively & faithfully achieve the creative vision of the lighting design concept;
  • Facilitate simple, accurate & reliable installation; 
  • Help our customers to achieve their environmental goals by reducing energy & maintenance costs;
  • Provide an eye-catching and flawless lighting effect that we and our customers can be proud of.

We will continue to strive for excellence through innovation, and by drawing on the technical knowledge gained from our wide varied experience with LED applications and lighting design projects.

So, njo…the middle 3 letters of “enjoy” – we want you to enjoy working with us, enjoy our products…enjoy light!