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Theatre and Museum Lighting

LED Lighting For Theatres & Musuems

People have been enjoying the delights of theatres and museums for many hundreds of years, so much so that there appears to be no sign of their popularity abating any time soon.  In the same way that our bodies are fueled and nourished with food, our souls are said to be nourished by these places of artistic and educational excellence.

In order to fully enjoy both, it is necessary to ensure that performers in theatres and the artifacts and information in museums are perfectly lit.  njo Technology is just the company for all your theatre or museum needs.

At njo we manufacture, supply and install premium theatre and museum lighting worldwide building a lighting portfolio of extraordinary landmarks across the United Kingdom.  If you need specialist lighting to help you get the very most out of your performances or exhibits, we can help.  We can provide you with the very finest footlights and spotlights that are sure to bring any performance to life.

Here are some of our lighting range we can deliver to specifications:

Recessed RL20

Internal Linear MiniLin


We have plenty of snapshots of the full effect of LED Lighting specifications.

As well as foot lighting, we also provide extremely well-made spotlights that bathe key characters in high-intensity light and ensure that they can be distinguished by the audience with ease.

All our LED lighting is made at our headquarters in Cumbria and can be used with a variety of coloured filters so your scenes and antiquities can be appropriately shaded.  Our theatre and museum lighting is also highly energy efficient so you get the very most out of them.

If you would like to make a purchase of any of our superlative LED luminaire components, you can contact us in any number of ways.  You can give us a call on 01539 730093 or send us a fax on 01539 731084.

Otherwise, just send an email to