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Swimming Pool LED Lights

Private Residence, LED Swimming Pool Lighting

Private Residence, Swimming Pool LED Lighting

LED lights for swimming pools are quickly becoming the lighting installation of choice for hotels, spas, health clubs, gyms and private residences across the UK and abroad and it’s hard not to see why.

Apart from the benefit of increased energy efficiency of LEDs when compared to other lighting solutions, our LED swimming pool lights can really set the ambience of a pool and the room it resides in to offer swimmers a relaxing, calming atmosphere in which to unwind.

With many gyms, hotels and health spas hosting their swimming pools within a dark or dim room, LED lights in a variety of colours can set the tone to which appears the most inviting for their guests. The lighting for swimming pools, both indoor and outdoor, can also increase the visibility of the pool edge and the water to ensure safety for all guests, whether swimming or not.

njo technology Ltd are pleased to offer customers, both business and residential, LED swimming pool lights installation service. We can help you design the perfect lighting solution for your swimming pool to most suit your needs. For more information on our LED light installation service, please call 01539 730093 or email us at


Why Choose LED lighting for your swimming pool?

  • Energy efficient – LED’s use 15% of the power of halogen lights
  • Long life span – LED lights can last up to 80,000 hours
  • Durable – Without a filament, LED lights can withstand vibrations better than light bulbs that have a filament
  • Lower voltage – LED lights operate at a lower voltage and are safer to use in swimming pool installations
  • Compact size – LED lights can be fit into the smallest of spaces allowing your design to be much more flexible
  • Fast switching – LED lighting can reach maximum brightness quicker than other bulbs.
  • Environmentally friendly – LED’s lower the carbon footprint, contain no mercury and are more sustainable than standard light bulbs.

Get LED lighting installed in your swimming pool today.