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Stockport Plaza and njo

Stockport Plaza – Auditorium.

The below images show some of the lighting provided by njo Technology for the theatre and the foyer.

Stockport Plaza – Replica Signs.

Stockport Plaza, Cafe Blade Sign   Stockport Plaza, Custom Exit Sign

Customised LED illuminated Glass blade signs. Design based upon an original 1930’s unit.
Each sign uses a Warm White LED strip mounted within the chrome tube to fire light through the glass blade highlighting the engraved text.

Each blade sign is also fitted with an integral power supply unit concealed within the tube. Each sign is supplied with Ceiling hooks and suspension chain.
The “Exit” and “Emergency Exit” signs were also exact recreations of the originals from the 1930’s when the theatre first opened all brought up to date with High efficiency, ‘Low Energy LED technology’.

Stockport Plaza Cafe

Stockport Plaza Cafe   Cafe day

The cafe, as with the theatre, was restored in accordance with the original 1930’s design. njo provided the linear LED lighting to illuminate the art deco coving around the central ceiling boxes. Although 90% of the time they are kept on a warm white they can also be set to any RGB combination for functions and parties.

Stalls Centre Ceiling Lights

Stalls Ceiling Lighting white   Stalls Ceiling Lighting blue

Above is the main ceiling light in the stalls positioned over the centre aisle directly underneath the circle. It is lit using njo LED linear lights.

Stockport Plaza Ceiling Dome

Stockport Plaza, Procenium,Ceiling Edge & Ceiling Feature Lighting   Stockport Plazza pillar to ceiling These images are of the central dome and the Procenium which sits above the auditorium, lit using njo LIN linear lights. The colour change is controlled from the main mixing desk and matches those in the stalls ceiling and the wall washes around the stage to create stunning ambience throughout the theatre.


Stockport Plaza – Orchestra Pit Rail

Orchesrtra Pit rail   Stockport Plaza Orchestra Pit Rail Lighting

The pit rail runs from left to right across the front of the stage forming a low barrier behind the organ player and the orchestra. It can be synchronised in with the rest of the lighting or run independently and provides a very effective feature at low level within the auditorium.