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LED Lights For Public Gardens

Looking for LED lights for your public garden? Then get in touch with njo Technology Ltd today on 01539 730093. We have many products that can help bring your garden to life. njo offer expert advice having years of experience in the lighting industry and have been working on projects across the globe.

To improve your public garden with LED lights, we recommend that you consider purchasing some of the following lighting systems.

Pathway lights

Pathway lights are great for illuminating your pathway, they can ensure that the walkway is clearly designated, can be very helpful for public safety ensuring the walkers do not stray into areas that are not safe or onto the grass etc damaging the plant life.

If your public garden has a deck that leads into your garden, you may wish to consider deck lighting. Deck lighting can improve the ambience of the structure as well as clearly marking the edges. They can be used on the stairs and fitted in most areas due to the design flexibility of LED lights.

Flood lights

If you have a large garden that you would like to light up at night, flood lights are a great way of doing so. They can be very powerful lights and are very useful indeed. Unlike a lot of lights like spotlights, the light is spread out usually over a 120 degree angle, so the light covers a large span of territory.

LED wall washers

LED Wall Washers are strips of lights that can be either one colour or multiple colours. They can be used to create pretty effects on your public garden that can really stand out.

There are many products available that can make your garden more visually attractive. For more information get in contact with njo and see how we can help you today.

Please read below for some of the many benefits of LED lighting systems.

Energy Efficient LED lights

LED lights are amongst the most energy efficient lighting systems in the world which is why they are becoming an attractive option amongst businesses and government organisations around the world. LED lights are energy efficient as most of the energy output is converted into light rather than heat. In fact as much as 90% of the energy is converted into light. The opposite is true for traditional lightbulbs were the majority of the energy gets converted into heat.

Due to being energy efficient and being able to control the brightness of the light emitted from the LEDs, money can be saved on your energy bills. This is especially true if the public garden led lighting is used regularly throughout the year.

A safer lighting system

LED lights have a lower energy output. Using less volts than standard lightbulbs. Therefore the chance of a serious risk of injury gets reduced.


LED lights are versatile in the sense they can be installed in hard to reach places and light can be easily focused in particular dark spots or areas of interest. They come in all sizes, large and small.

Multi coloured LED lights

LED lights come in a variety of colours. Due to the colour systems, you can create the atmosphere you envision for your garden.

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For more benefits of how garden LED lights can transform your private or public garden, give us a call today on 01539 730093