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Granary Square, Kings Cross

In 2012 njo Technology Ltd were commissioned by The Fountain Workshop to provide 1080 fountain lights for a large water feature in Granary Square, Kings Cross, London.

The Fountain Workshop requested an LED luminaire that was suitable for a public water feature environment (IP68 and vandal resistant); that illuminated a jet of water to a height of 2 metres; that provided 4 channels of light (Red, Green Blue and a dedicated Cool White channel); and that was individually DMX addressable (on-board DMX receiver). So we designed the “PX43” series to meet all of these needs.

Each of the 1,080 luminaires was then assigned to an individual  jet of water. The end result is a large interactive water feature which displays a dynamic fusion between water & light. The flexibility of the DMX control allows the creation of breathtaking scenes of dancing water that captivate audiences and encourages children and adults alike to take a splash.

A live feed webcam of the Kings cross development can be viewed by clicking the following link –

(in the bottom corner of the window click the “Select View” button and select Fountains)

Products used:  PX43


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