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Elgar Restaurant, Royal Albert Hall

The Elgar restaurant is situated on the second floor of the Royal Albert Hall. njo created 4 colour changing LED light boxes, which providing a spectacular ceiling feature for the restaurant’s dining area. The key to the effect was to ensure a completely even light wash across the entire surface of the light boxes without any shadowing or “hot spots” of light.

Elgar Restaurant ceiling lights

These 3 ceiling lights are situated above the 3 doorways as you enter the restaurant, the colour mix linear lights are perfect for creating atmosphere in the dinning area, from subtle pastel tone while people are eating to vibrant colours for functions, gig’s and presentations.

Ceiling lighting panel

A single ceiling light with a barrasol covering, this is positioned over the window tables towards the edge of the restaurant and when performances are on there is a raised stage area beneath it.

The njo ceiling lights give vibrancy and feeling to the restaurant and stage, as the lights change they change the ambiance of the whole room.

Products used: LIN

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