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Leisure Centre LED Lighting

NJO LEDs can design, plan and install LED lighting into leisure centres, swimming complexes and sports halls. We have a wide range of LED lights that can be used for leisure centres. They can be used in tennis centres, squash centres, badminton courts, indoor bowling, and swimming centres.

LED lighting can save and cut costs on energy bills of up to 90% making it a really reliable lighting source. Not only does it save money but it converts a lot more energy into light than traditional bulbs. LED lighting can be controlled by a dimmer or timers for extra savings. It can adjust itself when the sun comes up or can run 24 hours where there are no windows.

Having LED lighting in a leisure centre can provide more natural light increasing users vision. It will save the business money in the long run. It doesn’t require maintenance as much as traditional setups where bulbs need to be replaced very often as LED last up to 10 years.

NJO LEDs are experts at what we do, we have installed LED lighting in leisure centres, swimming pools, sports halls and other properties around the UK and Europe. Call us today for a chat : 01539 730093 or email us at : for all your enquiries on leisure centre LED lighting.