LED Swimming Pool Lights

Here at njo Technology Ltd, we are specialists in LED lighting and have worked on major projects throughout the UK and around the world. To check out a few of our projects, please click here. LED lighting can be installed in many different applications and scenarios, swimming pools being one of them. To learn more about the benefits of having LED lighting installed in your swimming pool, please read the article below. Also you can get in touch with one of our friendly staff members on 01539 730093. Or you can get in contact with us by emailing us at sales@njoleds.co.uk

About LED lights for swimming pools

Swimming pools are a great way for people to unwind and relax. To jazz up your swimming pool, we recommended that you have LED lighting installed. There are many advantages for choosing to have swimming pool LED lights. This article will outline some of the many advantages that LED lights can bring to your hotel swimming pool or private swimming pool

1. Energy Efficient

LED lighting bring energy efficiency savings, which in turn can lower your energy consumption reducing your energy bills. LED lights use only 15% of the power of halogen lights, which are a common inefficient way of lighting swimming pools. For halogen lamps, most of the energy converted is heat, often it is as high as 90%. This means a lot of the energy consumed is misdirected. The opposite is true for LED lighting. Most of the energy output, is turned into light and only a small percentage gets converted into heat.

2. Long Life Span of LED lighting

LED lighting for swimming pools are known to last up to 80,000 hours. The longer lifespan of the LED lights means that time will be saved from the hassle of having to replace your LED lighting. Replacing LED lighting can be a hassle for swimming pools as under water LED lights are not as easy to replace, as you would have to drain the pool before attempting to switch the LED Lights. If you had halogen lights, this procedure would be more common place.

3. Improved Durability

LED Lighting is popular for its durability. LED lighting systems lack filament, unlike for incandescent light bulbs that depend on filament to produce heat which in turns produces light. Heat can having a damaging affect on old fashioned light bulbs unlike for LED lights.

LED lights last for lengthier periods of time even when exposed to damaging vibrations and many other variables. Which is not the case with light bulbs with filaments as they are more likely to break. The way that LED lights are designed therefore will mean that LED swimming pool lights will last longer for your domestic or commercial swimming pool.

4. LED lights that are safe

LED lights are a safe way of lighting up your swimming pool. The LED lights operate using a lower voltage so less damaging affects are caused if someone is accidently exposed to the voltage. The under water LED lights can be installed in a way that the water does not cause any affect to the LED lights. Please ask a member here at NJO for any safety concerns that you may have.

5. Attractive LED lights.

LED lights are gaining popularity amongst swimming pool owners due to the beautiful affect it has on brightening up the swimming pools. The swimming pools are given a bright attractive glow which your visitors will love. One great aspect of LED lights is that you can decide the level of brightness, further helping create the ambience that you want.

6. Compact Size

Due to the flexibility of the LEDs we can design LEDs to fit into some hard to reach places. LED lights are designed to be compact and fit into tiny places within properties that conventional light bulbs cannot be fitted into.

7. LED Fast Switching

Once LED lighting has been installed in your swimming pool you will be able to enjoy fast switching. Fast switching allows for LED lighting systems to reach maximum brightness quicker than old fashioned light bulbs. Once switched on, the room will be able to reach maximum brightness instantly.

8. The Environmental Benefits of LED lighting

LED lighting lowers the carbon footprint, of your home or business. Less carbon that gets realised into the atmosphere will in turn reduce global warming. LED lighting are more sustainably friendly than standard light bulbs since they do not need to be replaced as often therefore less materials are consumed. LED lights have no mercury which is an unsafe substance.

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