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Enrich The Retail Experience With LED Lighting Solutions

Lighting technology continues to improve and push forward allowing retailers to have a range of options available to them, but did you know lighting technology solutions can be an affordable investment to your business & will produce a measurable increase in sales and revenue.

Over the past ten years LED development has grown significantly and has gone through several massive iterations focussing in particular on the colour, the size and the efficiency of lighting options. Take a Look at our Lighting Portfolio

Why Choose LED Lighting For Your Retail Business?

The term “littering light” has been heard amongst small talk from influential retail consultants for many years, however had not quite transcended into purposeful design as an important component of retail behaviour. Light in the past has just been seen as object fit for purpose. However fast forward 10 years, and demand of seasonal trends moving at full force across the globe, retail designers & architects have been forced to look towards other methods in their models of consulting to help achieve market growth and commercial success. Achieving commercial success and lighting are both now two groups that work very well together. Lighting has helped to stop people in their tracks and get the cogs turning meaning, the light is to help act on their thoughts and moods. We can see examples of this evidence enhanced in a number of ways, including advertising signage, architectural building lighting displays & retail spaces. The underlying theme is, lighting experts like ourselves have been working with forward thinking businesses to adopt LED Lighting solutions and reap the rewards from the buying behaviour of their consumers.

LED Technology now allows us to offer affordable long term solutions to changes and impact on how fresh the vegetables look in a grocery store or how healthy consumers look when they are trying on an outfit in the changing rooms, maximising the buying decisions and purchase opportunity. Lighting is now a mood enhancer and can be adopted seasonally. If you take a look around night or day, you will see just how much lighting is used where people are brought together particularly in inner city areas. Experts like ourselves have found that humans enjoy the interaction of light and helps them to feel good or associate a physiological experience with another. Energy savings aside, decorative and accent LED lighting will help to change the behaviour of your shoppers as we offer businesses spectacular design solutions to entice customers and keep their attention on your products.

What LED Lighting Solutions Do We Design?

As manufacturers of commercial & industrial LED Design Solutions, njo adopt four main trends in LED Lighting

  • Energy Saving Lighting
  • Safety Lighting
  • Lighting Displays
  • Coloured Lighting

What Are LEDs?

In essence, LEDs are very small light bulbs that can fit very easily into an electrical circuit but unlike traditional incandescent bulbs they will not burn out or get very hot. These are illuminated just by the movement of electrons in a semiconductor environment. LEDs have advanced rapidly to make them a big contender against traditional lighting methods. So how did this change come about? Light-Emitting Diode (LED) for a start is electronic and not electrical as you might think. From a basic understanding this means that the technology involved is totally different and any previous problems with energy use and heat gain have completely changed as LED has enabled the life of the lamp to dramatically increase producing a reduction in costs for measurable business overheads. It is not surprising why LEDs are the unsung hero in the world of electronics. They have the ability to carry out a multitude of jobs and are commonly found in a host of large applications around the world in particular advertising & architectural buildings.

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What Retail Solutions Can LED Lighting Be Adopted In?

Working on a global landscape, their arn’t many spaces we haven’t plugged in a LED illuminares displays. Our relationship has been built on design & ability to complete on time. Working all over the world including Saudi Arabia & France (to name a few) to design large scale master pieces of lighting applications is just part of our job. The real hard work starts at the design table. We can work to create LED Retail Lighting for:

  • Fashion Boutiques
  • Retail Exteriors
  • Retail Signage
  • Retail Outlets & Malls
  • Retail Shopping Centres
  • Retail Showrooms
  • Retail Merchandise Displays
  • Retail Window Displays
  • Retail Presentation Displays
  • Fashion Shows
  • Fashion Exhibitions
  • Supermarket Retail Lighting

See Our Retail Lighting Portfolio

Snipe Retail Park | Ashton Under Lyne

Cribbs Retail Park | Bristol

St Johns Shopping Centre | Leeds

Tandem Centre | Colliers Wood, South West London

Millennium Square | Sheffield

What njo Technology Can Do For Your Retail Business?

njoTechnology Ltd are a leading LED specialists and we want to show our customers that LED solutions can offer you more than just significant savings to your energy bills. Our products are designed in the UK and sourced and made locally with 50 miles radius of our head office. NJO provide your business with a thorough service leading from consultation to design into manufacturing so your lighting works and looks the way you want it to. There is nothing we can’t do with LED lighting as we make the LED work by designing it from scratch. If that isn’t impressive enough, then take a look at a handful of our displays we have created all over the world If you are new to LED lighting contact us for information on a large range of both standard and bespoke products. No job is too small or large, we pride ourselves in being a flexible supplier that is there to listen to your needs and provide a solution that meets your lighting requirements. Regardless of whether you are looking for a lighting solution that is used to promote merchandise stands or to access energy efficient lighting solutions, the LED lighting market is amongst one of the fastest growing segments and we enjoy helping to make your business to stand out from the crowd.