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LED Lights For Schools

LED lights for schools – The staggering bills

For any educational establishment the need for robust budgeting is essential, and a significant portion of a school’s outgoings is spent upon energy bills, 50% of which is for lighting alone. What’s more, given that energy prices have risen by 37% over the last three years today outgoings upon energy can make for startling reading.

LED lights for schools can then deliver an impressive 73% saving on average upon what is an ongoing cost that will only continue to increase a pace.

LED lights for schools – Green considerations

Whilst any reduction within a school’s energy bills makes for welcome news, beyond this our LED lights for schools also provide another leading benefit in the form of being particularly eco-friendly.

LED lighting within a school is then a fast and efficient way of cutting down upon CO2 emissions. And with today’s technology and our solid quality LED products, schools no longer have to put up with lacklustre energy saving lighting that seems to take an age to get to optimal luminosity.

Going beyond green credentials and way past bill reductions

LED lights for schools provide for significantly reduced costs, whilst delivering serious green credentials, and yet more benefits of such lighting for schools come is the surprising form of student performance, as well as improved health and safety. Here are just a few LED school projects that we’ve undertaken in him past:

Halls and Corridors

Our LED solutions for halls and corridors help to make the school environment a safer place.


Our LED classroom lighting helps to provide consistent lighting at the right levels for the reduction of fatigue and the boosting of student performance.


Our powerful LED solutions can provide for reduced maintenance within the gymnasium, all whilst creating an environment perfect for energetic actives that demand bright lighting.


Our LED lighting for schools can create a light library environment in which students can concentre and read with ease.


Our creative LED solutions for auditoriums can deliver solid performance whilst featuring dimmable lights and highlighted areas for lecturers.

Our past projects – Come on in and take a look around

Want to see for yourself just how we create safe, well-lit and productive environments? Then head on over to our past projects page where we’ve uploaded a range of case studies.

Take a look at our past projects

Want to hear from our happy clients?

We appreciate that sometimes our past clients are best placed to tell others about how they found our services; which is why we’ve created a testimonial page where you can read for yourself just how our LED solutions have helped a wide range of companies and establishments.

Read our client testimonials

njo Creative LEDs – Our approach

We know that no two lighting projects are the same, which is why we take a project-led approach, building lighting solutions around each of our client’s individual needs. This fresh approach to the market has led us to create a range of products that emerged as a result of individual client needs. And when this this client-focused approach is then coupled with a solid company ethos of unparalleled customer service and product quality, our clients look forward to successful projects with lighting solutions that look great and that function effectively: today, tomorrow and for the years to come.

Ready to talk about your school LED project?

If you’re ready to talk to the experts about your schools lighting need’s then get in touch. Our telephone number is 01539 730093. Our team are always on hand to help and are committed to talking a completely pressure free approach to potential clients and their needs.

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