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LED Lights For Retail Shopping Centres

njo Technology are specialists when it comes to LED solutions for shopping centres and retail units. We have been involved in a large range of projects throughout the UK and Abroad. To see examples of our previous work check out the projects section of our website. For more information about how njo Technology can help you today, call us on 01539 730093 or alternatively you make an enquiry using our contact form.

Give Your Shopping Centre That Special Look

Lighting can have a major effect on the experience of shoppers visiting your shopping centres. A spectacular lighting system will really impress the public and improve the mood of your customers. LED lights are great for adding that festive feel to your shopping centre. It is important to have your customers wanting to comeback. LED lights can highlight the architectural features of your shopping centre. They can improve shop window displays enticing customers to enter the shop and buy what’s inside. You can also get LED fairy lights to make your window displays look more attractive.

Our Light

We offer the highest quality lighting LED systems on the market. Our lights are amongst the most efficient and cost friendly on the market today. We have a large array of different types available from:

For more information about our lights available speak to the technical team here at njo Technology Ltd.

Health and Safety

Our LED lights meet health and safety European regulations. LED lights are known for their brightness allowing the public to safely walk around your shopping mall without any sight issues. For more information about health and safety regulations in the LED industry get in contact with a member of our customer service team.

Efficiency of LED Lights

The major advantage of having LED lighting in your shopping centre is that they are energy efficient.  90% of energy that is emitted from LED lights gets converted into light. Whereas the opposite is true for standard light bulbs. Due to their efficiency, LED lights have a lower carbon footprint, which is great for any business trying to lower their carbon output and helping the environment.

Saving on Energy Bills

The great aspect of LED Lighting for shopping centres and retail units is how it saves you money on your energy bills. LED lighting as mentioned earlier gets mostly converted into light. Less energy is therefore needed to achieve the same level of brightness of traditional lightbulbs. Lights need to be switched on during most of the day in large retail shopping centres, therefore money saving lighting systems can reduce the operational cost of running a large retail outlet. If the cost of electricity is passed down to the clients running the retail units then they themselves will save money.

Get in Touch Today For Advice on How LED Lighting Can Benefit Your Retail Units and Shopping Centres!

Our team of professionals are qualified from the design to the implementation stage of giving you the lighting system you desire. For more information please get in touch today. Our telephone number is 01539 730093. Alternatively you can use our contact form to get in touch. njo brightening up the future.