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LED Lighting for Hotels

LED lighting for hotels: Six ways of creating memorable atmospheric areas

As a leading LED specialist we’ve always looking for new ways of creating certain atmospheres within hotel environments. Here we summarise some of the most effective ways in which we have lit up client’s properties and how each of these may be seriously effective when worked into the various and most common of hotel areas.

1. Setting up the right atmosphere for the bar: Be it day or night

IMG_5031 (Large)

Our atmospheric LED lighting is seriously flexible and can literally change from day to night. As such our solution can be perfect for areas that must be bright at certain times, and darker during others, the perfect example of which may be a bar/restaurant.
This could provide for complete functionality for breakfast through to dinner where adequate lighting is a must, whilst then transforming into coloured, atmospheric lighting for an intimate affair during the night when the area serves as a bar.

2. Providing a warm welcome whilst making a splash

IMG_5068 (Large)

Our LED lights have been used within a wide variety of fountain projects on all sorts of commercial property types. As you can see it really does create an instant impression and for that reason we think that this is one of the most effective way in which hotel guests can be welcomed upon their arrival.

3. Highlighting key areas with subtle lighting

Illuminated Orange Steps

Highlighting key areas within the hotel, such as service desks, is essential to direct your guests as they arrive. What’s more opting for LED Lighting that changes from day to night can ensure that areas that are closed are lit both in a way that informs guests of its closure, whilst still making the most of what may be beautiful architecture.

4. Making real features of otherwise unremarkable hallways


Most hotels are subject to extensive hallway regions and for the most part these may be pretty unremarkable. But what if you want to make more of these areas? Well the project image from the Kings Cross Tunnel above provides an idea into just what can be achieved with LED lighting within hotel hallway settings and, as with all of our solutions this may be completely customised to fit in with its surroundings and its atmosphere.

5. Providing updatable instant information to guests

Lancaster House Hotel

The everyday operations of the average hotel can incorporate all manner of information that may need to be relayed to guests. This can include flight times, booking information and local amenity data. To attract guest over to this information LED lighting can be used to highlight the various areas, such the Self Service areas that you see highlighted for M and S Bank above.

6. Lighting up an entire building

Merryhill Shopping Centre - Dudley

This image of the Liwa Tower is the perfect example of how an entire building can be coupled with LED lighting to make for an ever more imposing impression… perfect for the hotel going all out to impress. What’s more as these lights shift through various colours it makes for a building that is decidedly eye catching, even amongst the competitive and beautiful landscapes of Abu Dhabi.

We are njo, and we are the go to LED specialists that have been lighting up our client’s venues and properties for over a decade.

We care about every client that we look after and we can help, no matter what your industry or property. Get in touch today to hear about our inspirational ideas and thoughts about just what we can do for you, and the ways in which we can impress both you and your clients.

To find out more about how LED lights for hotels can help your hotel business, call us today on 01539 730093. njo Technology – brightening up the future.