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LED Lights for car parks

njo Technology Ltd are amongst the leading specialists when it comes to LED lighting solutions for businesses and organisations. Please view some of our past projects to check out some of our previous works. Our company has been around for 20 years were we have built up a reputation for our skills and knowledge in the LED lighting industry.

Are you looking for car park lighting solutions for your car park? Then give njo a call today on 01539 730093. We offer bespoke solutions to meet your lighting needs. For more information about the benefits of LED lighting, please read more below:

Safety reasons

Parking lot lighting is extremely important, drivers need to be aware of their surroundings for safety reasons. Cark park LED lights can make the area safer, as car park spaces and structures can clearly be seen, lowering the chance of an accident. This is something to especially consider when thinking about underground car park lighting.


LED lights are amongst the brightest lighting systems currently available. If you are looking for LED lights emitting white light, then LED lights are the answer. The reason why LED lights are so bright, is that the majority of the energy output gets converted into light. This is the opposite for standard old fashioned lights were the majority of the energy output gets converted into heat.

Anti-Glare LED lights

There are specialist car parking LED lights that we have available – that are built to minimize glare. It is important to have lights that do not glare as this can obstruct the driver’s eyesight.

Outside car parking LED Lights

We have LED lights specifically designed for outdoor car parks. We have large flood lights available that when positioned correctly, light up the entire car parking structure. These lights are especially important for the public at night so they can use the car park and feel safe. We have weather proof LED lights especially built for the purpose of being outdoors, so they do not get damaged in bad weather.

Carbon Footprint

LED lights are energy efficient when compared to standard light bulbs they use less energy to produce the same light output as standard lightbulbs. This will therefore save your organisation money in energy bills. Lowering energy consumption is important for large car parks due to the sheer amount of energy consumed potentially every day.


LED lights are durable, they can last 50,000 hours of being switched on, so there is no need for the hassle and cost of regularly replacing lights.

Looking for a reputable LED lights company then look no further!

For more information about how LED lights can benefit your car park, contact njo today on 01539 730093. Alternatively you can email us on njo – brightening up the future.