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LED lighting for sports stadiums

LED lighting for sports stadiums are becoming ever more common nowadays. LED lighting for sports stadiums have many advantages. This article will outline how sports stadium LED lighting by njo Technology can benefit your sports stadium.

About njo Technology LTd

njo Technology Ltd, have been around for many years, since 1994 in fact, were we have worked on major projects in the UK and abroad. We are passionate here at njo, we believe that LED lighting is the future and expect LED lighting systems to become the norm within years to come.

Creating a great atmosphere for your stadiums visitors

LED lighting is a very bright way of lighting up your stadium. Spectators will be able to visually see the game better, improving their experience of the game that they are watching. Creating a great atmosphere for your stadium visitors is extremely important, the amount of light can improve or worsen the atmosphere so getting the right amount of light into your stadium is essential.

Adjustable light

Light emitted can be controlled using LED control systems. This is helpful as you may not need the same amount of brightness all the time in your stadium.

Lighting for the players and the referee

If the players and the referee cannot see what they are doing, it will lower the performance of the game.  Referees depend upon great light, so they can make important decisions depending on the facts on the ground.

LED lighting important in the digital age.

Millions of people around the world watch gaming on TV. It is just as important to get the lighting right for the television viewers, as it is the players and spectators in the sports stadium. High tech lighting compliments HD broadcasting. A more powerful gaming experience is important especially as technology grows and more people are watching on High definition TVs. This will become even more important especially as Television technology continues to improve.

Consistent bright light for your stadium

A major benefit of LED lighting is their longevity. LED lights can last for more 50,000 hours, and do not lose their brightness towards the end of their life cycle. This is the opposite for standard light bulbs as they get duller as time goes on.

Our LED floodlights are of the highest quality and we always tailor the pitch light LEDS for your needs to make sure you get the consistent bright light that you need.

Design Flexibility

LED lights can be installed in hard to reach places therefore less chance of dark spots within your stadium.

Environmental benefits of LED lights

LED lights are to be considered when trying to lower the carbon footprint of your stadium. Most the energy output gets converted into light. This makes them energy efficient. The majority of the energy output for standard light bulbs gets converted into heat.

Want to know more about LED lighting for your sports stadium. Then call njo today! We offer bespoke LED lighting systems to meet your needs. Our telephone number is 01539 730093, one of our friendly members of staff we be on hand to take your call. njo – brightening up the future.