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LED lighting for residential properties

Benefits of LED lighting for residential properties

LED lighting is becoming a popular choice for commercial and residential properties alike. Please read below about the benefits of installing LED lights for homes. Remember if you have any questions about installing LED lights in your home, then please call njo Technology today on 01539 730093.

Energy efficiency

LED lights are considered amongst the most efficient way of lighting homes nowadays. This is due to there very high energy efficiency when compared to conventional light bulbs. The energy efficiency for LED lights is 80-90%, as most of the energy consumed gets transformed into energy. This is the opposite for traditional lightbulbs as 80% of their energy gets converted into heat rather than light. So they are energy inefficient as a result.
A home with lots of light bulbs that are replaced with LED lights in the long run will save money due to having a lower electricity bill

Long Life

One of the major benefits of LED lights is there long life span. LED lights have an operational lifespan of up to 100,000 hours which equals 11 years of continuous light. LED lights do not burn out like their traditional lightbulb counterparts. Also Traditional lightbulbs nearer the end of their lifespan emit lower energy outputs therefore the rooms become less bright.

Design Flexibility

LED lights come in many shapes and forms and can be installed in hard to reach places. Therefore there can be better strategic placing of LED lights. Also LED lights can come with a light dimmer, so you can set the level of brightness to the level that you desire. Light mood illumination is a common feature in such places as restaurants and airports. The right level of light can really improve the atmosphere within your home.

Instant light

One major benefit of modern LED lights is their ability to reach maximum brightness once the light switch has been switched on. Standard light bulbs can be slow to reach maximum brightness.

Light Dispersed

LED lights can be engineered so that they focus light in a particular location within a room. This means that if there is a particular dark spot of a house you can direct the light to that particular location.

Ecologically friendly

LED lights are free from toxic materials, unlike traditional light bulbs that contain materials such as mercury that can be damaging to the local environment. LED lights are 100% recyclable and will help reduce your carbon footprint.

For more information about how LED lights from njo Technology Ltd can improve your home, call us today on 01539 730039