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Led Lighting For Gardens

Led Lighting For Gardens


LED lighting for gardens is now becoming a very popular choice amongst gardeners. Since the start of LED lighting for gardens, lighting up our lawns and gardens has grown popular. Garden LED lighting allows home owners to achieve amazing lighting effects in the garden. It is very easy to install, cheap to buy and is all round safe for kids, pets and growing plants.


LED lighting for gardens is ideal as the properties of cool running and using less amounts of electricity. Most LED garden lights can have a lifespan for more than a decade, therefore reducing overall maintenance of the lighting system.


Garden LED lighting can come in all sorts of different colours and settings. White and blue tend to be the most common of LED colours. NJO LED’s can fit state of the art colour changing LED lights. LED lighting in the Garden is very noticeable by its bright and crisp look. Colours can be emerald green, sapphire blue, diamond white, yellow and ruby red. We can however use filters and screens to lower the tone.


As well as having cool colours, LED lighting for Gardens can be installed in a number of different type fixtures. Wall wash effects, LED floodlights, Patio LED lighting, rock lights, lanterns, desk LED lighting, bollards. LED lighting integrated in garden features and ponds.


LED lighting for gardens is well suited for deck lights. Deck LED lighting is one of the most popular garden features. They can be used as standard lighting or can be fitted into the decking itself. Decking LED lighting are very strong and can take the beating of years of people walking over them, can survive all types of weather and are also very cheap.


If you would like to speak to our adviser on planning a design for LED lighting for gardens then contact NJO LEDS today and we will be more than happy to discuss your garden lighting requirements.