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LED Lighting for Bars

led lighting for bars

Here at njo, we understand the importance of how lighting systems can help improve the ambience of your bar. We as a company, have been in operation for over 20 years. We design and manufacture LED lighting. LED lighting is an affordable solution that can add to the glamour of your bar. Here we will explain some of the benefits that LED lighting can bring to your business.

Energy Efficiency

LED lights are one of the most energy efficient lighting systems currently available on the market. Unlike conventional lightbulbs, 85% of energy used produces light and 15% gets converted into heat. For conventional light bulbs the majority of the energy expended is heat rather than brighting up the room. Sometimes busy crowded bars can be overheated from the natural energy emitted from your customers. To help control the temperature, LED lighting for bars should be taken into consideration.

LED lighting have a longer life span

LED lights have an extremely long life span. On average they last over 70,000 hours. This means that once installed, it will be a long time before they need replacing. LED lighting in pubs and bars is advised as it is hard to run your business in the dark. Also there will be less hassle from having to replace light bulbs.

Compact Size

Traditional lights are often large and unsightly. LED lights however are more flexibly designed and fitted. They come in a wide range of sizes and can be customized to fit into the interior of your bar. If your bar has some hard to reach places, this should not matter, as usually we are able to install the light system in almost any scenario.

Speedy brightness

Once installed in your property, you shall receive the full benefit of this speedy lighting system. LED lights once switched on, reach maximum brightness quicker than standard light bulbs. This means you no longer have to patiently wait for your bar LED lights to be lit up.

Light control

If you wish to control how bright you want your bar to be, you can. LED lighting can come with a light control system. This means, if you want your Bar to be dim, you can turn down the brightness using a built in switch mechanism. Also like-wise if you want the bar to be fully bright you can by turning up the light.


LED lights are safer than conventional lightbulbs. They operate at a lower voltage therefore safer to install. If there was an accident, where one was touched accidentally, there will be a lesser chance of a serious injury occurring. In a crowded building such as a bar, there will often be a higher chance of some accidentally touching the lights.

Environmentally friendly

LED lighting produce less energy than traditional light bulbs therefore lowering the carbon footprint of your business. Due to them lasting longer, LEDs are a more sustainable solution for your lighting needs as less materials need to be used, as they do not need to be replaced nearly as often.

Cost savings

As they say, time is money. Time can be saved as mentioned above from replacing lights therefore freeing you do other activities that can benefit your business. The energy saved from LED lights can save you money on your energy bills especially if you lower the light emitted using one of our control systems.

If you are considering LED lighting for your bar then please contact one of our friendly staff members who will be more than happy to assist you. We are available to talk to on 01539 730093.