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Led Lighting for Airports – njo Technology Ltd

Here at njo Technology, we specialise in providing LED lights for a range of residential, commercial and industrial structures. We have a long history in the LED lights industry where we have worked on many projects in the UK and worldwide. To see some of our projects please click here.

If you are looking for airport lighting, njo Technology Ltd have the solution. Please read below for some of the benefits of LED lighting.

Building entrances

It is important that the building entrance is lit up, especially at night. Building entrances are the first impression that often people have when visiting an airport. A bright attractive entrance is something worth considering. One benefit of LED lights is that they come in multiple colours and the brightness of the lights can be adjusted. So they are not too bright and not to dull.

Airport Perimeters

The perimeter of an airport should always be clearly marked, especially for security reasons. Airport LED lights can be great for helping to produce set boundaries for airport staff and tourists alike.


Walkways are important in an airport. They provide a clear path that sets the limitations of no go zones and safe areas for the public and staff members. LED lighting can be used on the ground in conjunction with line marking. One example is that a pathway can be set for people when they are walking towards the aeroplane boarding doors.

Parking Structures

Often airports have large car parks. Proper lighting for the public visiting the airport with their cars. LED lights help to provide a visual aid of the structure of the car park spaces.

Energy Consumption

One of the major benefits of LED lights is the amount of energy saved when compared to halogen lights. LED lights use less power than standard halogen lights. Only 15% in fact compared to halogen lights. LED lights are becoming a standard lighting system nowadays for buildings such as airports that consume a lot of energy. As money is saved in the long run from lower energy bills.

Part of the reason why LED lights are more energy efficient is that the majority of the energy is turned into light, whereas halogen lights most the energy output is actually heat.
Maintenance Costs

LED lights have a longer lifespan than traditional lightbulbs. Therefore money is saved from workers having to replace the lightbulbs less often.

Carbon Footprint

LED lights are more environmentally friendly than traditional light bulbs. They consume less energy therefore lowering the carbon footprint of an airport.

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