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LED Heritage Lighting

Heritage buildings such as the Tower of London are some of the UK’s most proudest parts of English Heritage, which are enjoyed by the public every year. According to the English Heritage there are approximately a total of 341,000 buildings with a grade 1, grade 2 and grade 3 listing. This includes of course Buckingham Palace and Churches. These aren’t all necessarily buildings but also statues and monuments.

At NJO we are extremely proud to have accomplished beautiful and stunning synchronised lighting applications.

Stockport Plaza | Stockport Manchester

Centre Point Tower | London

Elgar Restaurant Royal Albert Hall | London

Bexhill Watch Tower | East Sussex




LED lighting can be used as a cost effective method of lighting up museums and museum displays, many museums have already installed LED lighting for a high quality energy-efficient solution.

There are many benefits to using LED lighting at a museum, for example – the long life span of the lighting, which in turn reduces the maintenance costs for replacing lights, and avoids any risk of potential damage during replacing lights and allows more access to exhibitions.


Concert Halls


LED lighting is recommended for concert halls if you’re hoping to cut down on maintenance and running costs, on the 14th July 2014 Nottingham Royal Concert Hall replaced all their lighting saving up to £16,000 per year.


LEDs are becoming more prominently used for exhibitions all over the world, as they too set the atmosphere for the meetings and can save a lot of money .


Conference lighting must set the perfect atmosphere for meetings, to help increase concentration and improve the quality of presentations.

LED lighting can create effective, energy-saving solutions for your conference room, saving money on lighting and creating the right atmosphere for every meeting.

Grade Listed Buildings

Grade list buildings may use up a lot of energy with the standard lighting, these can easily be replaced with a more energy efficient LED lighting solution.


Monuments need lighting from dusk til dawn, whteher you’re looking for a large or small monument that may need LED lighting NJO will be able to provide the solution.



The illumination of statues create the atmosphere and emphasis of the statue, if you’re looking for a solution to adding more enthusiasm to a statue then LED lighting may be the key.



  • TV Towers


At NJO Creative LEDs, we specialise in designing and supplying the very finest lighting of all kinds including beautiful indoor and outdoor LED lighting fixtures. Why not download our lighting data sheets accessible from our product lighting pages. We can accommodate any lighting fixtures which we can supply to match your specifications. Here are a select few of our popular heritage lighting applications.

Walllights SQ55

White Lights

LED Heritage lighting has the power to bring a true sense of style to any space you wish to be lit by combining modern electrical technology with an effortless, elegant and traditional look.  So if you’d like an indoor or outdoor space lighting properly with the most sublime LED heritage lighting available then get in touch with us today.

You can contact NJO Creative LEDs by either giving us a call on 01539 730093 or faxing us on 01539 731084.  Alternatively, you can get in touch with us by sending an email to  One of our design experts at NJO Creative will call you back within 24 hours and discuss you LED lighting solutions.