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LED Fountain Lighting

At NJO Creative LEDs we believe our lighting products can really help bring to life outdoor spaces.  This is no less perfectly illustrated than by our collection of superb commercial fountain lighting that is just right for public gardens and other exterior spaces.

Greengate Public Realm  | Salford Manchester

Granary Square Kings Cross | London

What is Involved in Creating a Fountain LED Lighting Solution?

Commercial fountain lighting is a fantastic way of adding aesthetic emphasis and breathing new life into fountains and water features.  You may not believe that it was possible to add an extra sense of class and beauty to a fountain or water feature but we can assure you that our sublime selection of light fittings truly do in a way that nothing else can.

Some of the light fittings for LED fountain lighting and water features that we use include:

Most of these fountain lighting fixtures are high-powered and, because they use only a low voltage, they are also highly efficient so you get the full effect with the very minimum of cost.  They can also be fitted with alternative coloured filters should you wish to really enliven and add vibrancy to your fountain or water feature.

Ready To Help You Create Your Fountain Lighting

So let the NJO Creative LEDs do the rest, call today to start enjoying all the advantages of commercial fountain lighting.  Alternatively, you can send us an email or fax with your contact details so that we can get back to you at a time that’s most convenient to you to have a chat about your specific requirements.

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