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LED Display Lighting

Energy efficiency is something many of us actively support in the current climate: especially us here at NJO LED’s.

We’re committed to supplying eco-efficient, cost efficient, impressive lighting solutions for various uses including: led lighting displays, led outdoor lighting, led spotlights, water resistant fountain lights and more.

As the UK’s leading supplier of led display lighting solutions, we offer high quality display lights commonly used to set ambient and impressive tones in sport stadiums, hotels, commercial offices, showrooms and in various other events.

Are you in search of LED Display light solutions? Contact a member of the NJO team today for support, innovative lighting ideas and general enquiries on 01539730093 or, alternatively, you can email us direct at .

The Significance of Using LED Light Bulbs

Al Nasser Hires 1 Colour SpiralLED light bulbs and light displays are an increasingly common sought lighting solution over recent years. Adjacent to their aesthetic looks, they also work in minimising electricity costs while running on lower emissions and lasting a lot longer than your general incandescent lightbulbs.

Here at NJO, we’ve supported various happy customers in their light display visions. Our talented team offer a unique, creative insight into our clients lighting options and, working with client budgets, devise displays designed to meet and exceed customer satisfaction.

LED Light displays are a fantastic way of adding emphasis, while creating atmospheric comfort to various features. One of the most common displays we create here at NJO is fountain light displays which add an element of ambiance to water displays.
As an independent company, we have the luxury of being able to get to know our customers well and work with them closely during the process of creating their LED Light displays. We work hard in creating something which works with our customer’s vision perfectly.

If you’re looking for bespoke LED display lighting solutions, contact a member of the NJO team today.

The History of LED Lighting

When we refer to the term LED, we’re referring to light emitting diode which, too many peoples surprise, has a long history having been established as early as 1907.

Since, the lighting industry has blossomed to the way in which we see it today; where lights are used for not only practical benefits but to enhance various features inside and outside homes, public buildings and public displays.

It’s no surprise this form of display has become so popular as, when we see LED lights in their full effect, they look great and have a way of making people feel relaxed.

Why Choose NJO?

NJO specialise in offering a wide range of lighting solutions across the United Kingdom. We offer unique creativity while paying a close attention to detail on all customer briefs.

For more information on NJO LED Light Displays, why not contact a member of our team today on 01539730093, or, alternatively, you can email us at