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Jonathan Speirs Scholarship Fund

Jonathan SpeirsDr Jonathan Speirs (1958-2012).

It was with great sadness that the lighting industry mourned the passing of Jonathan Speirs in June 2012.

Jonathan Speirs, was one of the world’s most celebrated architectural lighting designers and is widely acknowledged as not only having been a pioneer of the profession in the UK but also a considerable influence on the work of a generation of lighting designers across the world.

He recognised that although the profession was growing rapidly, opportunities for formal education in architectural lighting remained somewhat limited. At his behest, the Jonathan Speirs Scholarship Fund has been set up with a view to specifically allow a “student of lighting to investigate the study of architectural lighting design prior to seeking a permanent move into that field as a career.”

It raises funding from the architectural lighting profession, architectural and engineering professions, various professional associations concerned with the promotion and development of lighting design, from the lighting industry and from companies and individuals who wish to make a contribution.

njo knew how strongly Jonathan felt about supporting new blood in the lighting industry. We genuinely believe that this fund is going to be a very important step in the right direction.

njo are delighted to have made a 10 year commitment to contribute to this fund. We would also like to encourage others to consider joining us in helping to fund this most worthwhile project.

Please use this link for more information about Jonathan Speirs and the Scholarship Fund or email