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Industrial and Commercial LED Lighting

Fully qualified and highly experienced njo Technology Ltd provide and install LED lighting for industrial and commercial properties across the UK.

Why Commercial LED Lighting?

LED lighting in industrial and commercial buildings can brighten up the place, help staff moods and make it easier to see things. LED lighting is great as its more cost effective than tradition lighting, it’s great for the environment and it supplies a lot more light than standard lighting. Having LED Lighting in a commercial building or an industrial workplace will ensure visual improvements for all staff and customers. It will improve safety especially in warehouses where fork lift trucks are around.

Meeting all the health and safety regulations, LED lighting is renowned for providing brightness and allowing people to see where they are walking better. LED lighting in industrial and commercial buildings can also be a lot more energy efficient. Almost all of the energy that is supplied to the LEDs is converted into light. LED’s provide a much lower carbon footprint than traditional bulbs, which is great for business that wish to lower their carbon footprint.

One of the great benefits of having LED lighting installed into a industrial or commercial building is it is very energy saving so it cuts the price on energy bills. It requires less energy for LED’s to produce good lighting and in turn saves money. It is also great for where lighting is required to be used 24 hours a day and can bring down the operational costs of large industrial and commercial buildings.

Industrial and Commercial LED Lighting Installations

Our team of LED technicians are fully qualified in designing and installing LED lighting for your industrial or commercial building. If you require more information give us a call on 01539 730093 or alternatively you can email us at

We have covered many different commercial and industrial projects in the UK and across the world. If you would like to see some of our work take a look at our recent projects on the website.