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LED In-Ground Lighting

In ground lighting can be seen in rural, urban and city landscapes. The visual effects cannot be under estimated and can sometimes offer another arm of security and safety in largely built up areas. From monuments, historic buildings, city halls, public galleries and iconic public meeting places, brightening up a building can add another dimension, bringing bricks and mortar to life. To some of us, lighting can appear as another creation of art direction and ultimately creates a sense of ambiance.

LED Lighting for Landscapes

At njo Technology, we enjoy lighting and working with people passionate about lighting, well there’s nothing that makes us happier. Throughout the years we have been in business, we have come to know a lot about buildings and landscape and making lighting work to new levels. Our team has a wealth of knowledge through from design, manufacture and execution. When we bring all 3 areas together, we know we can create something spectacular for your project.

As a global brand, were not about creating the best iconic visions, we want to construct and deliver projects that’s right for you space in question.  Whether its budget, maintenance or functionality that is priority on your list, our LED in ground lighting goes a long way typically 30,000 hours and made of eroding resistant materials.

In Ground Lighting for Commercial City Spaces

Light is extremely versatile and when you have njo Technology on board, we are the team who will enable your lighting ideas to come to life. As we locally source 80% all of our products that make up an LED light, there is nothing we cannot create for your lighting needs. Our lighting portfolio shows you exactly where our ability has taken us working on projects all over the world including France and Saudi Arabia.

Our Design Den has been intrinsically designed so you can seamlessly connect your documents with us at every stage of the project. The den provides a resource hub for all teams contributing to the project whether you are a design engineer, contractor or lighting architect, you will play a role in the journey. It is our priority that you can see what we will deliver to the final stage.


Architectural landscape led lighting

As LED lighting engineers, we are always looking forward to our next in ground lighting projects which we continually strive to develop and offer. We believe service is everything and we hope you will experience the full benefits of working with njo LEDs. We are pleased to showcase our customer feedback and projects we have accomplished along the way.

For ingenious lighting solutions, indoor, outdoor or landscape led lighting talk to njo Technology today on 01539 730093, or