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Commercial Lighting for Restaurants

njo Technology Ltd specialise in commercial lighting for restaurants. With our custom LED lighting solutions, we can create lighting effects that perfectly reflect the ambience of your eating establishment.

We understand that lighting needs varies from room to room, area to area, which is why we offer restaurant lighting solutions tailored to your specific requirements.

Bright lights can be offered in the kitchen areas where as much light as possible is needed for the chefs to perform their job correctly and safely.

At the front end of the restaurant, softer light may be needed to create a particular relaxing atmosphere for the customers, especially if there’s an emphasis on having a darker room with ambient lighting.

Our eco-friendly LED lighting for restaurants are a perfect choice with various colour options to compliment the style of the room. Not only do the lights look the part but their increased efficiency means a reduction in energy bills – a plus for any restaurant owner.

The compact nature of LED lights means they can be installed pretty much anywhere. Coloured lighting installed in a cove or to accentuate a particular centrepiece works extremely well whilst a soft light above the diners may be required to give customers enough light but not too much to make them feel like they’re on display.

With light controls available, you can decide how bright or dim your restaurant lights are to create the perfect setting for both customers and staff.

Contact njo Technology Ltd. today to discuss your commercial lighting requirements for your restaurant.