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Casino LED Lighting

casino led lighting

Where would Vegas, casino capital of the world, be without colourful LED lighting?

The eye-catching colours of casinos are part and parcel of any gambling establishment and make the casino a hotspot for customers wandering past during the dark of night. Lit up like a beacon, casinos benefit from the lure of the LED lighting; a sign-post indicating where customers can come and enjoy themselves and maybe win some money along the way.

LED Lighting applications have grown significantly at speed over the last few decades. With large scale business now forced to pledge a commitment to reducing carbon emissions, LED lighting is by far the most easy and eco efficient energy resources known to help with reducing costs to energy commitments.

As businesses and services begin to operate round the clock, lighting begins to play an important part in facilitating these requirements. Casinos, much like retail outlets, rely on lighting to help bring enjoyment or entertainment to a venue.

The entertainment value of light is a key player to casino as people naturally respond to coloured lighting which can be seen in a multitude of ways in a casino. Used as part of a retail strategy, emulating lighting colours to tune into consumer moods can be evidently seen in casinos designating different areas.

Why Choose LED Lighting For Your Casino Business?

One of the clear benefits LED Lighting can bring to a casino is it can accurately mimic natural light levels. Fluorescent, fibre optics and incandescent may be able to light an area but are all very expensive to run and generate high levels of heat. However, the main attraction of LED lights are that they use less energy and generate less heat, all of which will save you money on energy bills.

What LED Lighting Solutions Do We Design for Casinos?

LED lighting applications can be designed in a number of ways to suit your casino. njo design sophisticated lighting controls that can enable all light emitting diodes to work in a number of ways for your casino setting as-and-when you require a different lighting setting or theme.

As design and suppliers for commercial & industrial sectors, njo implement LED lighting in four main applications:

  • Energy Saving Lighting
  • Safety Lighting
  • Lighting Displays
  • Coloured Lighting
  • Eco Lighting

What are LEDs?

LEDs are designed in a number of sizes depending on its application, but are typically designed to fit into an electrical circuit. They illuminate by the movement of electrons in a semiconductor circuitry.

Where can LEDs be placed in a Casino?

Working on a global landscape, njo have installed over 20,000 LED luminares to some of the worlds most iconic displays. Using expertise and skills, njo can make an LED fit anywhere because we design LED luminaires from scratch to deliver your specific needs.

We can cater for:

  • Casino table LED lighting
  • Casino entrance LED lighting
  • Cove LED lighting
  • Bar LED lighting
  • Stage LED lighting

Choose njo Creative LEDS

njo Technology Ltd are a leading LED specialists, providing the technical expertise of sustainable lighting effects, whilst giving you a solution that reduces maintenance energy bills. Our luminaires are designed in the UK whilst being sourced and made within 50 miles radius of our head office.

For our custom casino LED lighting solutions, call njo today on 01539 730093 or email via our contact form.