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Make your Business Park more attractive with LED Lighting

Celebrating 20 years in designing led’s

LED lights are the best innovation to come out of lighting developments. Any large structural developments now consider the impact on the environment and the maintenance overheads. When budgets are tight, it is too easy to go for lighting applications that are cheap to buy and install. when sometimes investors need to spend a little to gain the long term saving. From the outlook, led lighting has been in a transitional field for over 10 years. and although LEDs are the easiest ways to save money and reduce energy, it has yet to gain the trust of investors to spend the money on public areas and for the billions of buildings standing on the global landscape.  However, when buildings are built, it can make far more financial sense to consider green energies at the beginning of the investment. Business parks have been fast becoming the hub for outer town businesses to move into who would greatly appreciate the lower overheads of the office leasehold. In a building that holds dozens of people, equates to more resources like lighting. 

What are LED’s?

LED light is not a new technology as some may think. Bulbs use semiconductors and electro-luminescence to produce light. njo Technology have designed and developed bespoke and custom LED lighting to include colour changing lighting and water applications.

Why choose LED lights for business parks?

Installing LED’s in business parks assures significant savings in energy bills and dramatically reduces carbon footprint. Generally poor lighting systems such as halogens, florescent and incandescent are 3 lighting outputs that are a electrical resource that is heavy on energy use. During darker winter seasons, traditional lighting can sometime be ill managed, giving office users difficultly in working in low lit spaces. Office level light should deliver 300 lux. Find out and calculate light levels for business parks.
When considering a functional building, lighting is needed in every aspect indoor and out.

  • Office space
  • Meeting rooms
  • Corridors
  • Toilets
  • Stairwells
  • Lifts
  • Canteen areas
  • Emergency exits
  • Car parks
  • Street lighting
  • Park entrances
  • Business park signage

See Our Business Park Lighting Portfolio

Logo Signage @ Green Park, Business Park | Bristol

LED Balcony Lighting @ Ronald McDonald House | Birmingham

Architectural Light @ Liwa Tower | Abu Dhabi

What njo Technology Can Do For Your Business Park?

Many tests and research has been carried out to provide evidence that LEDs provide functional and practical values to indoor office space by not only creating a professional ambience but enhances workplace productivity. To fill your office space, lighting can help the architecture of the business park stand out 24/7/365 a year and add a sense of desire to potential business owners. Security is always a threat to many businesses and how this is prevented and managed is traditionally controlled with security cameras. Whilst vandals and thefts are commonly taken place at dark, CCTV can be poor without good use of lighting applications. therefore incorporating light sensoring around buildings can deter buildings from being targeted. Led Lighting options can install flood lit lights from the ground or install cove lighting.
LED is also a highly functional and practical product which when used inside a building, can create a professional ambience and enhance workplace productivity. In addition, properly lit streets and outdoor locations give a sense of security.

When you need a economical or environmental solution to your business lighting, njo Technology are a full turn key solution to business park LED lighting.

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Light up something spectacular With LEDs For Your Business Park?

If you haven’t seen how spectacular LED in our lighting portfolio, take a look now. njo Technology can make lighting work for your business park or space as we are now celebrating our 20th birthday in manufacturing and designing LEDs . Let njo know about your LED requirements by contacting on:

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