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  • Custom Gold Plated bezel
  • High output, low profile LED uplight
  • Robust, corrosion‐resistant construction
  • Colour Change version available
  • Low voltage, high efficiency
  • Long life ‐ 50,000hrs typical
  • High reliability, low maintenance

PDF-Logo2 RXA55 Datasheet


Product Description

Walkover LED uplight fitted with 1 x high power Osram Oslon SSL150 LED. Constructed from a gold‐plated, stainless steel bezel and anodised aluminium body with a lightly frosted clear lens, and an angled (10°) Ledil “TINA” 14° output optic. Terminated with a 1 metre, 2‐core rubberised cable via IP67 cable gland. The fitting is rear encapsulated, maintaining mechanical integrity and offering ingress protection. Must be connected in series to a suitable 500mA constant current power supply, e.g. njo ref: “PSU‐1162‐25‐500”.