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  • High performance COB LED
  • Ideal for mounting in the ground, outdoors
  • High output, low profile
  • Low voltage, high efficiency
  • Long life ‐ 50,000hrs typical
  • High reliability, low maintenance


PDF    RFM100 Datasheet


Product Description

Ø100mm recessed LED uplight constructed from a high quality 316 stainless steel bezel and anodised aluminium body. Each LED unit is fitted with 1 x high power COB LED with 2‐step MacAdam binning, a “CEN” optic and a toughened clear glass lens. Terminated with a 2‐core flying lead via a cable gland. The fitting is rear encapsulated, maintaining mechanical integrity and offering ingress protection. This LED unit must be connected to a 500mA constant current switch mode power supply (“RFM100‐PSU‐35‐500”). An optional aluminium/thermoplastic mounting sleeve (with space for the power supply) is available (“RFM100‐SLV‐TUN‐01”), please see page 2 for mechanical details.